Broomvale Bridal Barns

Over 150 bridal dresses to choose from in our historic barns in Suffolk

We are here to guide you through all of your options, help you feel the real you, and give you added confidence for your wedding day.

Welcome to Broomvale Bridal Barns - a bridal boutique based in Little Blakenham, Ipswich

Finding the perfect wedding dress isn’t always easy but with the guidance and honesty of the team at Broomvale, the bridal gown shopping experience can be fun and relaxing.

We are aware that some Brides-to-be are nervous and have fears about the journey to find their gown. We are here with you to break down those fears, which allow you to have fun and enjoy your appointment.

We are extremely passionate and well trained stylists, not only will we show you what you said you wanted, but we will also you show what you might need. Trust us and we will help you “say yes to the dress.”

We want you to tick all your requirement boxes

Why choose Broomvale for your bridal dress shopping experience?

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Here at Broomvale Bridal Barns, we would like to offer a choice of appointments to suit your needs. We offer standard bridal appointments Tuesday to Friday, along with Saturday, Sunday, and VIP appointments - which include hot drinks, sweet treats and/or Prosecco!

30 Years of Experience

We have had the pleasure to dress many brides-to-be, With around 120 Wedding gowns to pick from in various styles, sizes and price ranges, The Barns is the place to start.